Locheilnet – delivering Superfast Broadband to households and businesses across Lochaber

Our Superfast Broadband Service

Locheilnet brings affordable Superfast Broadband (up to 30Mb download) to households and businesses in Lochaber.

We use a wireless network which is relayed from strategic locations to your home or office.

CONTACT US now to find out how you can be part of our ever growing community of happy customers!

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A FREE survey

When you contact us, we’ll do a desk-top survey based on your location to determine if we can reach you.  We may also send one of our friendly engineers to your home or office to do a more detailed survey – free of charge of course.
How to find your Lat/Long Geolocation

Check your location against our Lochaber coverage map.

A quick installation

We aim to connect you to superfast broadband within two weeks of you signing up to our service.  You can then enjoy all the benefits that superfast brings.

Great local service

All our engineers and installers are local – and most of them are Locheilnet customers too so they know how important it is to maintain that excellent service.  When things occasionally go wrong our team are on the case to fix it as fast as possible.

Why Locheilnet?

Skilled and Experienced

Locheilnet engineers are skilled and experienced in designing,  building and maintaining IT networks.  We use the best wireless technology equipment available. The integrity, security and capacity of our network is our number one priority because it ensures that our customers get a consistent superfast broadband service.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive monthly Broadband plans to suit your needs. These allow you to chose the package that’s right for you based on the broadband speed you want and how much you want to use.

Great Local Support

At Locheilnet we believe in great local customer service. That starts with our easy to use online information and local manager who is at the other end of the phone when you want to chat.  Our friendly engineers and installers, based here in Lochaber, are on hand to fix faults and undertake repairs.  And at the moment we are all naturally following social distancing and other key Covid advice and guidance.

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