NEVIS RADIO - 6 day Trials coverage

Nevis Radio have covered the world’s biggest motorbike trial for a number of years and has always tried to push the limits of its capabilities each year.

2018 was no different and hosted not only a 4 hour radio show on air and

online but also a full Live video feed at the same time in HD.
This was also linked in with the radio coverage to give viewers a fully interactive experience of asking the presenters questions live on air and even included a live phone call from Switzerland with a former world champion. After the event the stats revealed over 320,000 viewers/listeners from across the globe to our broadcasts whether audio or video on a number of platforms – phones, tablets PC’s etc…
Our video feed was achieved with the collaboration with Locheilnet, who provide internet to our station already. This enabled us to have dedicated bandwidth in the middle of a carpark to upload data at a constant enough

speed to enable HD viewing. In the past we had used a 3g dongle which did

the job, but was expensive and never allowed a good bit rate to watch on a smart TV at an acceptable quality.
Locheilnet managed to aid us in delivering this solution in such a way the sport has never been reported on in the past further heightening our involvement with the organisers, fans, and competitors. So much so – Michelin had already said they would sponsor us for another year’s coverage before the end of the event. We hope to be able to work more with Locheilnet in the future with more developed plans and ideas to continue to push our technical limits and aim to deliver a solid end product all brought together from local sources.

Simon Abberley, Nevis Radio

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