Dear Locheilnet Customer,

COVID-19 Working arrangements

We are sure this is not the first message you have received about Covid-19 but, in the light of current events, we would like to let you know Locheilnet’s current approach to the situation.

We recognise that our service is a lifeline to local businesses, families and individuals and, that in times of increasing self-isolation, the provision of this service is ever more important, especially to the older customer, those on their own and those working from home who will increasingly rely on the internet for continuing communication with the rest of the world.

Locheilnet is a responsible employer, and we have put in place a reasoned and practical approach to protect our workforce so:

  • when an engineer visit is requested, we will ask you some relevant questions to establish the need for the visit and the risk to our engineer
  • we will keep any time spent inside your house to a minimum and wipe down any surfaces and equipment our engineer has touched.
  • we will ask you to keep a distance from our engineer and, not wishing to be rude, our engineer will decline any offer of tea or coffee!

Now more than ever, being able to stay fully connected to our families, friends and colleagues is vital to all of us.

We would ask you, our customer to play your part in helping to maintain our service by sensible use of the internet.  Please remember that:

  • the more appliances being used to access the internet in your home, the more data you are using and the slower your service may be.
  • some tv top boxes stream data from dodgy locations and affect the speed of your service
  • any future changes to the way organisations such as Amazon or Netflix stream their services are outwith the control of Locheilnet.

Locheilnet will at all times follow Government advice to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our staff and volunteers.  Over the past six years our guys have performed heroic deeds to deliver and maintain an internet service to rural Lochaber.

Locheilnet does not now need heroes. Our team will be vigilant, honest, and sensible and, with a similar approach from you our customers,  we will have a good chance of continuing to provide a great service.

The Board of Directors