As most routers will slowly but surely start to fade after a couple of years, we have sourced the younger versions of the Air Router.

It comes in 2 versions:  1 single band router which we can provide configured and supported for 12 months at the same price as the Air Router, and a dual band router which is more expensive but geared towards the more demanding internet user.


- If your router is requiring lots of switching off/on to get it to work properly, it is very likely running on its last legs. Most of the Air Routers have lasted around 5 years.


- If you have a larger family using multiple devices to access the internet on top of using the service to stream TV programs.

- if you are an avid gamer and/or watch a lot of streaming TV.



SINGLE BAND - £41 + VAT (configured + supported for 12 months)


The single band router uses the 2.4GHz band and is limited to one wireless signal.

The single-band router has a shorter range. It's perfectly designed for people who are looking for web browsing, checking mails, up and downloading pictures, watching videos.

DUAL BAND - £90 + VAT (configured + supported for 12 months)

With an increase in the amount of wireless devices in a common household, the 2.4 Ghz band has taken on a lot of stress. This is where the 5 Ghz band comes in.

The 5 Ghz band is newer and therefore less wireless devices are using it.

A less cluttered frequency allows for a faster and more stable wireless connection throughout your home.

The dual-band router uses two bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which means that they transmit two simultaneous wireless signals, providing a better performance.

  • Picks up both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands

  • Dedicated Wi-Fi Network for video and gaming

  • Separate networks avoid interference

  • Two separate Wi-Fi networks operating simultaneously

The dual band router has a longer range and better signal strength, and despite the broadcasting on two different bands, it is capable of switching automatically when needed. Due to its strong signal, the dual band router is suitable for online high resolution gaming, video streaming and high resolution audio.

The genius of dual-band routers is that they allow each device to connect simultaneously, using its preferred band. The weakest link doesn’t have to slow the other devices down. You can stream video to your newest iPad and leave your older machines in the slow lane, which is still more than fast enough for casual Web surfing, e-mailing, Facebooking and Skyping.


Simple send complete the form below. We will take it from there and will let you know when your router is ready and can either be delivered or picked up.

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