Our residential packages

The various packages are now available!

If you do not know your usage, contact us to discuss the ideal package for you.



Why choose Locheilnet?


- No Phoneline Required

- No Line Rental

- VoIP Compatible

- Local Installers

- Local Technical Support 

- Only a 12 Month Contract


£22/month (£26.40 VAT inc.)


Up to 30Mbps download/
10Mbps upload


40GB Allowance


Recommended for:


1 or 2 Devices

Social Media




£27/month (£32.40 VAT inc.)


Up to 30Mbps download/
10Mbps upload


100GB Allowance


Recommended for:


Multiple Devices

Video Streaming

Online Gaming

Music Downloads


£32/month (£38.40 VAT inc.)


Up to 35Mbps download (max.)/
10Mbps upload


300GB Allowance


Recommended for:


Multiple Devices

Heavy HD Streaming

Frequent Gaming


Are you working from home, need a fixed IP address or do you have other requirements?

No problem.  Contact us and we will discuss the options.


Additional Features
1 Static IP address £7/month (£8.40 VAT inc.)
8 Static IP addresses £27/month (£32.40 VAT inc.)
500GB extra usage limit £13/month add-on (£15.60 VAT inc.)




£180 (£216 VAT inc.) for a standard installation.


This includes: 


  • Supply and fitting of a discreet antenna

  • Supply and fitting of a Locheilnet supported router at the location of your choice*

  • labour costs


* A normal installation usually takes approx. 3 hours.  We install your router in the location nearest to the point of entry of your antenna. We can install it to the location of your choice (living room, office, etc.) at cost. We will charge £30/hour +VAT for any extra time. 


Should you have specific requirements regarding the cabling, or the location of equipment, please let us know in advance and we will provide you with a quote.  Any specific requirements requested on the installation date for which you have not requested a quote, will be invoiced to you as per our tariff.


If you move to a location which previously had a Locheilnet connection or if you want to re-connect to Locheilnet following a cancellation, the following charges apply:

£30+VAT - Admin & configuration only: all the equipment is in place and in good working order + is confirmed to be accessible on our control panel

£80+VAT - Engineer visit required: when the equipment is all in place but not working (this may incur an extra cost depending on which part of the equipment needs replacing)

£120+VAT - Engineer visit required + replacement of the router and or POE

£180+VAT - New Installation if the equipment (dishes, cable, router) has been damaged or removed.


£80+VAT (first hour) + £30/hour +VAT for any extra time.



BUSINESS - Standard

£37/month (£44.40 VAT inc.)


Up to 30MB UP/DOWN


100GB Allowance


£48/month (£57.60 VAT inc.)


Up to 35MB (Or max) UP/DOWN

400GB Allowance


BUSINESS - Premium


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