Connecting Communities

Pilot project is up and running


After a delay due to gales and treacherous weather conditions, the weather gods were with us and the pilot project could finally go ahead.

The main relays were installed and 10 houses connected to a broadband ADSL line hosted by Marine Harvest, throughout the communities of Ardgour, Loch Eil and Glenfinnan. The antennae to be installed at the houses are tiny and the installation of the equipment is simple and straight forward.

We have been monitoring the speed and reliability over the past week and these are our findings so far:

  • we are getting a download speed of around 2.85Mb – 3.15Mb during most of the day which drops to 2Mb late at night. This speed allows us to communicate via Skype, watch video clips on the news channels/YouTube, and download big e-mail files in no time. The difference, even at this small speed increase is incredible

  • the connection is stable

**Please be aware that the ADSL line we are using now is NOT the high speed line we will be leasing further on in the project – This ADSL line is only to establish the routes, prove that connections can be made near the end of the boundaries, allow us to monitor any issues and learn to resolve them . When rolling out the project, we may initially work with bundled ADSL lines until we have enough buying power to order the high speed leased line**

We have also received the feasibility study with the costings for the total project. The cost to get all the houses in the communities connected: Ardgour (120 houses), Loch Eil (130), Achnacarry (42), Glenfinnan (45) is £122.000. We know that most of you would like to be connected rather sooner than later.


For this we will need YOUR support. We like to invite volunteers from all 4 communities to sign up and become member of the “funding committee”, in order to get a core group who can focus on looking for possible funding, fill out funding applications, help with fundraising activities, etc.

So, if you have experience in fundraising, know of potential funding sources for our project, e-mail us on to apply as a committee member or to simply tell us about the way you can help us. The sooner we have the initial funding, the sooner we can start.

TRY IT OUT DAY: We hereby like to invite you to come and see for yourself what difference this small change in speed means when using the computer. Keeping in mind that this is just a fraction of the speed we will be getting when the leased line is connected.

Location and time will be advised in a few days. Keep an eye on our website & Facebook!


As you may have noticed from the previous paragraphs, “Locheilnet” is extending the services to cover the communities around Loch Eil, the West side of Loch Lihhne and now also Achnacarry. In the coming weeks, Locheilnet and Glenfinnan Net will team up to create an official partnership in order to pool funding and resources, avoid duplication of tasks and get more buying power.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to your “funding” suggestions, and always here to answer your questions :)

If you have not already done so, may we please ask you to confirm your interest in the project by sending us an e-mail via the website.

Just leave us a short message with your location and if you wish, your phone number. This way we can add you to our mailing list and keep you up to date with the latest news.

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