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Over the past few weeks we have been trying to identify possible funding sources for our project.

On the 11th of March had a meeting with the representative of Community Broadband Scotland but since the deal with BT had not yet been signed, the plans for the roll out could not yet be published. As a result we do not know which part of the project will be eligible for funding or not. We are awaiting news from that corner.

In order to apply to various other funders, we are in the process of gathering the required information and are working on a business plan.

Part of this required information is obtaining evidence of the need for a faster broadband in the area, how it will benefit your the lives of the people in the community, how it will benefit businesses, etc.


Rather than knocking on all your doors, we’ve posted a survey on our website which we kindly ask you to complete as soon as possible. There are only 8 questions :)

We will need the answers to all the questions in order for the survey to be a proper representation of the needs of the various communities within the remit of Locheilnet.

One of the questions asks for your current broadband speed. You can test this by clicking here and then “begin test” – the resulting download speed is the one we are interested in.

Most people will be in the first 2 ranges (under 1Mbps). You may find different speeds at different times of the day depending on the peak hours.

We are also setting up a forum which we encourage you to use to ask questions, suggest ideas, get in touch with others within the community, etc.

It should be up and running next week. Keep an eye out for it on the website & Facebook.

Looking forward to receiving your responses :)

Have a lovely weekend, Chris

If you have not already done so, may we please ask you to confirm your interest in the project by sending us an e-mail via the website. Just leave us a short message with your location and if you wish, your phone number. This way we can add you to our mailing list and keep you up to date with the latest news.

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