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May update

You probably remember us saying: “We hope to install by Spring 2013″, “We could be installing by Summer 2013″… yes, yes.. we know. We are already in the month of May and apart from the installation of the pilot project, nothing seems to have happened.

Well, let me explain. We were hoping to get the biggest chunk of funding from Communities Broadband Scotland (we still do) BUT the negotiations between the Government and BT have hit delays and instead of knowing in December what the BT roll out plan was for our area, we are still awaiting the details.

However, not being the ones to sit back and wait for things to happen, we went on with the job at hand: gathering all the required information and documentation to prepare a solid business plan which could then be used for further funding applications.

The survey was a huge part of it – we thank everyone who has responded!! – it provided us with invaluable information and proof that this project is really needed.

We researched potential funding options, read through HEAPS of pages and guidelines and applied. We will find out if our applications were successful and funding was awarded in the next couple of weeks.

Our team is working tirelessly in the background to get this up and running as quickly as we can.

We have also reached the point where we would like YOU to come on board. In order to pool resources, get to know the various skills in the communities, we have created a forum to be used by the whole community.

You can access it here:

Please pop in, and feel free to add your constructive comments, suggestions and feedback.

Let us know if you can lend a hand, or if you could do with one.

Will we see you there? We really hope so!

Looking forward to finding you on our forum and starting connecting communities :)

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