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We are open for business!!!!

Yes! You read it correctly: We are open for business, we are taking pre-orders!

After a substantial funding boost from the Ardgour Area Fund, from Marine Harvest and the Moidart Trust, we have been able to order the leased line and get the ball rolling.

We have an approximate installation date of 23/07/13 for the leased line but this can not be guaranteed. However, we wanted to use these weeks leading up to that date to take pre-orders, do site surveys and be ready for the connection by the time the line goes live.

Stage 1: we will roll out the scheme from Ardgour onwards.

Due to funding conditions, we can only take orders from Sallachan to Garvan along the A861.

What we will be offering:

– an internet connection with a connection speed of 20Mb max. to start with.

What it will cost you:

– £75 installation fee (subject to survey) – £15/month subscription fee

What happens next:

  • Either call us on 01397 773128 or e-mail us at

  • We will put you on the “survey” list and contact you to arrange a date for a survey. During that survey we will record your contact details, installation details (preferred location, router, etc.) and provide you with our order documentation, including terms and conditions which you can read at your leisure.

  • This survey information will allow us to plan the actual installation and work around any issues that may occur. We will also be able to advise you if there will be extra costs (when you are living in a hard to get area) and if your router is suitable for this high speed connection or will need replacing. You will then have the opportunity to place your actual order.

  • The installation team will arrange an installation appointment with you.

Visit the FAQ page on our website for any other questions you may have.

What to do now: JOIN LOCHEILNET

Either call us on 01397 773128 or e-mail us at

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