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Survey/Installation update

End of August is getting near and the place is more and more starting to look like a building site with equipment and tools ready to go.

Most of the site surveys in the various areas have been done and we have a clear view of how to connect everyone to the network – apart from a few places which will require very creative thinking!

The RBN team is arriving on Friday and on Sunday the 25th the volunteers will get trained.

Over the past weeks we have opened every e-mail from the leased line provider with hopeful anticipation, only to learn that yet another appointment had been cancelled due to the engineer being called away to remedy a fault elsewhere. It has taken over a month and 4 attempts to get the line installed. The line HAS been installed and we are now waiting for the line to be handed over to us.

Until the line is handed over to Locheilnet, we cannot connect any customers as there is no service.

We will however start with the installation of the cables from next week onwards in order to have the most intrusive work out of the way. Once the line is handed over to us, our IT team will come around and finish the installation for you.

Thanking you all for your patience :)


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