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March update

Dear All,

It has been a while since we last updated our blog, so here we are with the latest information.

We now have 136 households connected since September 2013. An enormous effort and lots of work! 136 households means 2, 3 or more people per household using computers, laptops, phones and tablets to access their favourite internet space.

This also means that we have reached a point where we have the resources and the need to upgrade the leased line. The order was placed 2 days ago and we are waiting for the engineer to “flip the switch”. Lead time 15 days.

While we have come a long way in 6 months, we still have a lot to do and we appreciate your understanding and patience for the interruptions endured and those still to come.

In order to make the network as strong as possible the installation of more infrastructure equipment in various crucial locations is planned.

In practical terms this means that, once agreements are in place, our team will go up on the hills and add whatever is needed to the existing poles/masts/installations in order to have a back-up link for when the main connection fails.

Below is a list of work which still needs doing:

– continue with customer installs in the various areas – revisit existing installations and improve alignment – find a connection option for Braeside/Achdalieu and part of Blaich/Achaphubuil – install infrastructure to connect Sallachan & Conaglen – move main relay to a different location – move second relay to a better position + add equipment – install infrastructure to service Gairlochy – install new server

and the one our team is very excited about: erect a mast in Auchindaul. Agreements are in place, groundworks are done. 3 more weeks to go before we can raise the mast and put our equipment on. Not only will it serve as a central point for our network, it will also allow us to provide a service to customers in the Torlundy and Spean Bridge area.

If you know of any friends who are living in the rural areas around Fort William and who’s broadband speed is lower than 2Mb, ask them to register their interest via our website. We can investigate on how to connect them to our network.

Chris & the Locheilnet team

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