As with anything, technology happens to fail occasionaly. 
In order to help you with the minor issues we have created this mini troubleshooting guide.


We recommend you download the document below and save it on your computer or keep a printed version nearby for quick access for when you have no internet connection.


Please check the troubleshooting guide before contacting us















If you still require help, you can e-mail us if you have access to an alternative internet option (mobile, dongle, etc.

or you can leave us a short message with your name, contact phone number and a short description of the issue).

This is an automated service which will create a ticket on our support desk.  We endeavour to respond within the shortest time possible. 

If necessary a technician will visit the premises. In this event, should any fault prove to have arisen through actions/inactions on the part of the subscriber or other factors outwith the control of Locheilnet then a

call out charge*1 may be applied.



The Board of Locheilnet CIC aims to ensure that our customer service is the very best. 

We also expect customers to treat our staff and contractors with respect. 

Abusive behaviour by customers will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to

withdraw our serve in any such instance.

or   call us on 01397 313013

(only for support related enquiries)


for any other enquiries, click here.

*1   £77+VAT(first hour) + £20+VAT/hour + mileage thereafter.


     Where Locheilnet supplies a router this will be guaranteed and maintained against faulty workmanship and component

     failure at Locheilnet’s expense for a period of one year from connection. After one year Locheilnet will charge a call-out  fee to

     supply and fit a configure a replacement router, together with the cost of the router, should this be required.


     Should replacement of the router be required within twelve months and the cause of the failure is due to the subscriber, or within the       subscriber’s power to prevent such failure then a call out fee and the cost of the new router will be charged for.

     Customers who wish to make changes to equipment location etc will be charged the call out charge + £20+VAT/hr after the first hour
     equipment costs.    




What happens when there is a power outage?


Where possible, the main relay stations willl be protected by a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). 


If power goes down elsewhere in the network, service will be lost until it resumes, at which point all the equipment will restart automatically. It may take 10 minutes for the relays to synchronize.


We endeavour to give ample warning for any disruption in service within our power and try to resolve those caused by external factors within a reasonable time.

If you are a relay to others and envisage a power outage for whatever reason, please give us and your affected neighbours ample warning of the outage.



How will I know when the service will be interrupted?


When receiving notification of any works which will affect the provision of our service, we aim to notify all our relevant customers via our Mailchimp newsletter as soon as possible.  For this purpose it is important to notify us of any change of e-mail address in order for us to amend our records and be able to notify you.

We also post messages and updates on our Facebook page and the support phone line.



When do I call support?

When you have had no internet for at least 20 minutes and have done the basic troubleshooting.  

Click here to do a speedtest


Click here to read to get answer to common questions in regards to speed tests

Click here to find possible reasons for a slow internet connection

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